About Us

Falcon Eye Security Systems Pvt. Ltd is recognized as a go-to company for several governmental and commercial organizations. We achieve success by identifying and understanding our customer's needs, Crafting innovative solutions to meet those needs and bringing the most effective team together to provide our customers with best-of-breed services and solutions.

Based in New Delhi, India FALCON EYE SECURITY SYSTEMS Pvt. Ltd., a member of Global Middle East Holding is a multi – disciplinary organization offering turnkey solutions integrating Telecommunications, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Power, Security and Interactive Multimedia projects through its offices and with strategic partnerships in Asia and across the globe.

FESS specializes in the Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Start up of all Low Voltage Electronic Systems, Equipments and Products related to Military Bases, Government organizations, Electrical Utilities, Control Rooms, Telecommunication, Avionics, Oil and Gas Facilities.

The technical support is provided jointly with our sister company Falcon Eye Security Systems LLC operating in UAE and looking after the Middle East Business Development.

FESS exceeds as a single source point for all your needs of technology based integration. Brining on its experience from its successors FESS assures its clients the right solutions using complex equipments and cost- effective designs.

Being established in the year 2009 FESS has established the knowhow and business expertise in the System Integration business which drives the current business technology. Its experienced management and a strong technical team deliver proven and effective business solutions.

FESS represents various known brands in the market and has established its presence through building proven relationships with its manufacturers and distributors. FESS works hard with the manufacturers to provide result oriented solutions to all of its clients.

As the motto reads, we integrate all sorts of systems such as CCTV, Access Control, Perimeter Detection, Entrance Control etc. in order to deliver a well designed and engineered solution to our clients and end-users.